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Visit the Safety Guide for tips to make your whole home safe.
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Bring Home Safety Into Your Classroom

The Home Safety Council is dedicated to home injury prevention education and developing resources for your classroom. Use the Home Safety Council's teaching tools to help your students spot dangers before an injury occurs.

Home Safety Month Teaching Tools

June marks the end of the school year for many students, which means kids will be spending more time at home. Celebrate Home Safety Month this June by teaching kids to stay safe at home with the Home Safety Council's curricula and activities for elementary and middle school students.

Code Red Rover, Grown Up Come Over!

With Rover's help, your students will learn to spot common home dangers and work with parents and caregivers to correct them.

Home Safety Games and Activities

Make safety fun with coloring pages, activities, checklists and word finds for early elementary school children.

Weekly Reader Programs

Lesson plans and educational tools developed with Weekly Reader for use in your classroom.

Resource Center

Visit the Resource Center for more games, lesson plans, posters and materials you can use to bring home safety to life for your students.

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