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Put the Home Safety Council’s teaching tools to use in your classroom

The Great Safety Adventure
Curriculum Kit

Home Safety - Salute to Home Safety Excellence Children are the most precious gift given to our society. They are a source of energy for the present and our wisdom for the future. It is our responsibility to teach them important lessons while they are young to make them productive citizens for tomorrow. One of the most critical lessons we can teach our children today is how to be safe in and around their home. Knowledge gained while young can help prevent the nearly 20 million emergency room visits each year due to home-related injuries.

To help educators teach these messages, the Home Safety Council (HSC) has developed a curriculum kit based on the award-winning program, The Great Safety Adventure® (GSA). The GSA is a mobile educational exhibit that tours around the country teaching children and their families key home safety lessons. Requests from schools wanting the GSA for their students have been steadily pouring in for several years and unfortunately, the demand can’t be fully met. It is HSC’s goal to reach as many children as possible—even if the GSA can’t physically be on their campus. The curriculum and materials provide the same GSA safety lessons on fires, falls and poisonings as the touring exhibit.

With your help, we can activate families to practice better home safety and teach children how to recognize potentially unsafe situations. A child’s safety is not only priceless to the family, but also to the school and the community.

For Classrooms:

Children’s Activities:

Support for production and distribution of this curriculum kit was provided in part through a cooperative agreement to the Home Safety Council from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, H28/CCH324817-01.

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