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Keep Safety at the Top of Your
Holiday Shopping List

The holidays are here and many parents are already lining up to buy the perfect toys for their little ones. Before you bring home any gifts to wrap, be sure that the toys you choose are safe for your children to play with.

Start by reading the labels on all stuffed toys, games and dolls. Look for the mark of a nationally recognized testing laboratory like UL or ETL. This means the toy has been tested for safety. Make sure your child is the right age to play with the toy.

When shopping for your baby or toddler, make sure all toys and rattles are too big to fit through a toilet paper roll. Young children can choke on small things like toy parts, coins and hard candies. Look for small things around your home. Keep them where young children cannot see or touch them.

Once you've picked the best toy for your baby or toddler, throw away the plastic wrapping and any hard plastic containers before wrapping and placing the gift under the tree. If children of different ages live in or visit your home, keep toys and games for older children and adults in a safe place where little children cannot see or touch them.

Safety Tips for Choosing the Right Toy

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