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Pool Safely This Summer

It’s getting hot outside and your kids are ready to take their first plunge into the pool. Before they dive in, make sure every member of your family brushes up on a few simple steps that can help save lives this summer.

The Home Safety Council is a proud partner of the CPSC’s “Pool Safely: Simple Steps Save Lives” campaign and is encouraging parents, caregivers and kids alike to follow four simple steps to prevent drowning and entrapment tragedies from ruining the summer fun.

Stay Alert and Watch: Stay close and watch your child by the pool.
Know Your Water Safety Skills: Learn to swim and practice CPR. 
Maintain Barriers: Install protective barriers, such as four-sided fences and pool alarms.
Avoid Entrapments: Never enter a pool or spa with a loose, broken or missing drain cover.

Learn more swimming safety tips by clicking on the links below to make sure your entire family stays safe around the pool this summer.

Archived Presentation:

Click here to download the archived Pool Safely Campaign Webinar.

Swimming Safety Tips

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