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Safety Saturday Webinar

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The Home Safety Council wants to help you make the most of Fire Safety Month in your community this October. So we have partnered with our founding sponsor, Lowe’s, to provide fire and life safety educators with a premier local educational event.

Safety Saturday is a free public event that will be held in the parking lot of Lowe’s stores on Saturday, September 26, 2009. Across the country, participating Lowe’s stores will be teaming up with their fire safety and other community safety neighbors for this one-day event. It’s designed to provide educational fun for the entire family.

View the archived Safety Saturday Webinar to learn how you can get involved. We shared best practices to help you contact and work with your Lowe’s store managers and associates to hold a successful Safety Saturday event. HSC President, Meri-K Appy, and our sponsors from Lowe’s hosted this informative Webinar to help you start planning your own Safety Saturday event!

Meri-K Appy, President, Home Safety Council
Robin Frye, Lowe's Community Relations
Vickie Love, Lowe's Marketing/Advertising, Affinity and Education Programs

Archived Presentation:

Click here to download the archived presentation

Additional Materials:

  • Click here to download the presentation
  • Click here to download the Expert Network Safety Saturday Event Guide
  • Click here to download the Lowe’s Store Safety Saturday Event Guide
  • Click here to download Top 10 Tip Sheet in English
  • Click Here to download the New Top Ten Tips List in Spanish
  • Click here to sign up to host a Safety Saturday event
  • Click here to download the Expert Network Swiss Cheese release
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