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Protect Your Home from Mice this Fall

Fall brings welcome changes like cooler weather and colorful leaves, but it is also the most common time of year for problems with mice. While you’re enjoying the outdoors, mice may be seeking warm shelter in your home.

Follow the Home Safety Council’s tips and advice below to keep your home from becoming a haven for mice this fall.

  • Clear out Clutter: Clutter in basements, attics or other areas of your home can be a great hiding place for mice. Clean out and organize your storage areas so that mice don’t have any place to hide.
  • Keep Food Covered: Be sure that all food products – including pet food, bird food, grass seed and bulbs – are stored in tightly sealed containers. Without a food source, mice won’t be as attracted to your home.
  • Put a Lid on It: Cover trash cans with sturdy, metal lids. Mice can gnaw through plastic.
  • Keep an Eye on Entry Points: Mice can fit through an opening the size of a dime. Inspect your home for any cracks, crevices or holes, especially where utilities enter the home from the outside. Seal any gaps or holes, including the dryer vent, with a sturdy metal screen to keep mice out.
  • Lift it Up: If you have compost containers outside of your home, be sure they are lifted at least one foot off the ground. Also, store woodpiles off of the ground and at least six feet away from the home.
  • Keep Bushes Trimmed: Keep bushes and shrubs neatly trimmed, especially near the home. Remove ivy to keep mice from nesting and hiding in it.
  • Protect the Attic: Install metal flashing on the sides of your home to keep mice from climbing up the siding and getting into your attic.
  • Act Fast: Be on the lookout for any signs of mice. If you notice droppings, gnaw marks, greasy smudges on walls near the floor, or a musky odor, act quickly to get rid of the problem.  Mice can produce about eight litters per year, and each litter typically consists of four to seven new mice. One mouse can quickly turn into many before you know it.
  • Avoid Tricky Traps: There are many traps on the market to help you get rid of mice. Think about your options and pick the best one for you and your family. There are new self-contained traps available, so you will never have to touch or even see the dead mouse. There are also options that are baited with food instead of poison and are safer to use in homes with children and pets. Check your local home improvement store or mass retailer to find a trap to meet your needs.
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