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Select Children's Toys with
Safety in Mind

The safest toys have been tested by a laboratory. Read the label. Only give your children toys that are right for the age on the label. Watch your child carefully when he or she is playing with anything.

Babies & Toddlers (0-3 years old)

Home Safety - Toy Safety
  • Make sure the things you give your baby to play with are too big to fit in his or her mouth.
Home Safety - Toy Safety
  • If the toy or rattle or teething ring can fit inside a toilet paper roll, it is not safe. A young child could choke on it.
Home Safety - Toy Safety
  • Make sure the toy is in good shape with no broken parts.
  • Watch out for small toys, marbles and other things around your home. Look everywhere – on the floor, in the cushions, under the bed. Make sure your baby cannot find them.
Home Safety - Toy Safety
  • Keep toys and games for older children and adults in a safe place where little children cannot see or touch them.
  • Make sure there are no strings or cords on toys that could get wrapped around a small child.
Home Safety - Toy Safety
  • Read the label on all stuffed toys and dolls. Check to see if the toy has been tested for safety. Make sure your child is old enough to play with it.
  • Latex balloons can break easily. Your child could swallow a small piece of the balloon and not be able to breathe. Do not have latex balloons in your home if you have a young child.
Home Safety - Toy Safety
  • When you get a new toy, take off all the wrapping and throw it away. This includes all plastic bags and sharp plastic covers on the package.
  • Toys that have motors or use electricity can be very dangerous for young children. Keep them away.
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