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Home Fire Sprinkler Systems

Home Safety - Home Fire Sprinkler Systems Home fire sprinklers save lives and prevent injuries. They also keep the fire and smoke from ruining your things. If there is a fire, a fire sprinkler system turns on automatically. It quickly sprays water on the flames, keeping it small. In many cases, the fire is put out before the fire department arrives.

Having working smoke alarms, a fire escape plan, and a fire sprinkler system is the best way to stay safe from a fire.

Fire Sprinklers in Your Home

If you are making changes to your home, or planning to build a new home, talk to someone at your fire department about having a fire sprinkler system installed. Ask for help finding a qualified sprinkler installer.

If you are moving, ask your real estate or rental agent to show you homes that have fire sprinkler systems already installed.

How do Fire Sprinklers Work

Visit MySafeHome.org and enter the kitchen and living room to watch fire sprinklers in action.

The Home Safety Council is a member of the Board of the nonprofit Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC), which has free information, videos and online materials for consumers on its Web site, including an animation that explains how sprinklers work: www.Homefiresprinkler.org.

HFSC's free web site Sprinkler Smarts helps children in grades K-5 and grades 6-8 understand fire safety basics and how home fire sprinkler systems work.

Fire Sprinklers vs. Flashover

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides online still photos and video clips depicting a fire with and without fire sprinklers present. Watch flashover occur in the non-sprinklered demonstration.

Fresno Fire Department PSA

Watch this amusing video about the value of home fire sprinkler systems.

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