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Child-Locator Window Decals

Many groups, including some safety organizations, offer adhesive "child locator" window decals to be placed on the window panes of rooms where children sleep.

The decals are supposed to help firefighters find children in a fire. However, the Home Safety Council does not recommend them.

Fire fighters are trained in the best way to find and rescue people. They will know what to do.

Decals signal an area of vulnerability

Putting a sign on your child's window may tell a burglar where a good place to enter your home is. Old decals could potentially lead a fire fighter on a dangerous, yet needless search for a child who isn't there. Many fire departments do not recognize the decals as legitimate markers because they often remain affixed to windows long after a child has out-grown the room or families with children have moved away.

Practice fire drills so you can get your family out

Rather than using decals, make a fire escape plan and practice it. You can help fire fighters by getting to your meeting place on your own. Call the fire department once you get outside. If someone is trapped inside, do not try to save them yourself. The fire fighters have the training and equipment to rescue someone.

To survive a fire, every home needs:

Home Safety - Child-Locator Window Decals
  • Working smoke alarms on each level and protecting every bedroom.
Home Safety - Child-Locator Window Decals
  • A carefully developed home fire escape plan.
Home Safety - Child-Locator Window Decals
  • Regular family fire drills so everyone can practice getting out.
Home Safety - Child-Locator Window Decals
  • Quick and decisive response in an emergency.
Home Safety - Child-Locator Window Decals
  • If you build or remodel your home, install a home fire sprinkler system. It is the best fire protection your family could have.
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