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Lawn & Garden Home Safety Tips

As the weather becomes warmer and days are longer, we spend as much time as we can outdoors enjoying our backyards. Many of us tackle do-it-yourself projects and others are happy just being outside. But, to be safe, it is important to remember the following safety tips when doing outside jobs, especially if you have children.

Home Safety - Lawn and Garden Safety
  • Keep children inside the house or well away from the area you are mowing.

Home Safety - Lawn and Garden Safety
  • Before you mow, check the area for broken sticks, stones, toys and anything else that could shoot out from under the mower or damage the blade.

Home Safety - Lawn and Garden Safety
  • Wear goggles and hearing protection.

Home Safety - Lawn and Garden Safety
  • Never reach under the mower unless it is turned off and the blade has completely stopped turning.

Home Safety - Lawn and Garden Safety
  • If you run out of gas, stop and let the engine cool down before you add more. Gasoline vapors can easily catch on fire.

Home Safety - Lawn and Garden Safety
  • Read the labels of things you use for your lawn and garden. If you see the words “Caution,” “Warning,” “Danger,” “Poison,” or “Keep Out of Reach of Children,” these products can be dangerous for children. Store them in a place with a lock.

Home Safety - Lawn and Garden Safety
  • When using a chain saw, make certain it is equipped with an anti-kickback chain that is well sharpened.

Home Safety - Lawn and Garden Safety
  • Pick up all garden tools such as rakes, spades, forks, pruning clippers, files and metal plant stakes when not in use.

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