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MySafeHome Tour

MySafeHome Tour

The Home Safety Council’s online destination, MySafeHome, is an innovative and interactive Web site that lets users explore a virtual home so they can understand where dangers lurk in their own homes.

Using digital motion graphics animation in a navigable, virtual home and yard, MySafeHome illustrates the major risk areas found throughout the home and presents the safety devices and preparedness plans needed to make every home safe.

The MySafeHome Tour:

  • Is an innovative home injury prevention teaching tool that can be used independently or incorporated into safety educational outreach.
  • Uses state-of-the-art digital motion graphics animation in a navigable virtual home and yard, MySafeHome brings comprehensive home safety to life.
  • Makes it simple and interesting to tour a typical house from the point of view of enhanced safety.

The safety tool focuses primarily on the top five causes of unintentional injury in and around the home: falls, poisoning, fires and burns, choking/suffocation, and drowning as well as the need for family disaster preparedness.

Users can go at their own pace, repeating sections of interest or skipping those that don’t apply. The site provides top-line messaging and offers direct links to more detailed information for users who want to learn more.

MySafeHome features:

  • An interactive educational experience designed for adult consumers and available at no cost.
  • An installed NFPA 13D home fire sprinkler system with special graphics and animations that help illustrate it.

MySafeHome focuses on:

  • The most common (and harmful) home injuries.
  • The simple steps that can be taken to prevent home injuries.
  • The technologies and products that can protect people from injuries in and around the home.

The MySafeHome Tour is generously funded by National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) and Lowe’s.

E-mail development@homesafetycouncil.org to find out ways you can sponsor the MySafeHome Tour.

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