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Home Safety Council Research

The Home Safety Council commissioned the most comprehensive study of home injuries in America and issued The State of Home Safety in America report in 2004. Since then, the Home Safety Council routinely commissions research to evaluate the public's level of awareness on issues related to home safety and gauge what actions if any have been taken to protect against home injuries.

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Commissioned by the Home Safety Council in 2004, The State of Home Safety in America report is the most comprehensive body of research on the severity and causes of home injury in the United States.

The Home Safety Council commissions an annual omnibus survey to gauge home safety practices and perceptions. The results of each survey are analyzed and published as the Home Safety Council's Safe Haven research series.

The Home Safety Council works with partners to commission surveys to gauge public awareness around specific home injury topics.

The Home Safety Council partnered with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to conduct the National Survey of Fire and Life Safety in America, the first national survey examining fire and life safety education practices in the US.

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