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Q&A Transcript
Putting Home Safety to Work Webinar
May 6, 2009

The Home Safety Council would like to thank everyone for their participation in the Putting Home Safety to Work Webinar and for sending in such thought provoking questions. Included below is a transcript of the questions submitted during the presentation and responses provided by the presenters. If you have questions or would like any additional information regarding the discussion below, please email info@homesafetycouncil.org and a response will be sent back to you.

Q: When will local Lowe's have received these materials?

A: It is our goal to get the materials to Lowe’s 2-4 weeks in advance of the event to make sure the stores receive and will have the materials on-hand in time for the event.

Q: Have the Lowe's store managers received anything about the Safety Saturdays yet? If I make contact in the next few weeks, will they know what I'm talking about?

A: Not yet, we will begin contacting the Lowe’s store managers in July. After we’ve contacted the Lowe’s store managers, we will also send an email letting members of the Expert Network know how to get involved in Safety Saturday. If you’re not a member of the Expert Network, please join now.

Q: Would I be able to customize our program with a HSC advisor/liaison if needed? Perhaps even networking?

A: The Home Safety Council offers customizable tools and information you can use to implement a Home Safety Month program in your community. Click here to access a press release you can customize and issue in your community, a Power Point presentation you can use to conduct a seminar or information session on home safety and additional resources available for your use. We’re also available to answer any specific questions you have about customizing and implementing a home safety program. Please e-mail us at: info@homesafetycouncil.org and a representative from the Home Safety Council will respond to your questions.

Q: Can I use these materials for the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)?

A: Absolutely! Everything that is on our Web site is available for you to use to help your families.

Q: Do you have materials specific to senior citizens or older adults?

A: Yes, we do have that available for you on the Web site or in hard copy. Our Fire Safety for Older Adults and Safe Steps programs have both been distributed to every senior center all over the country. You may want to check with your local senior center to ensure that they have these turn-key programs. It’s both in print and DVD. What you’re seeing today is not the full repertoire of educational programming that we offer so check out our Web site for a full list of our programs available.

Q: Were you planning to develop more fire and life safety curriculum for the fire service to present to elementary schools?

A: The short answer is yes. It all depends on funding, but I’d like to explain right now why we’re focused on the preschoolers. It’s not that we don’t care anymore about educating elementary school students and, in fact, the Home Safety Council partnered with Johns Hopkins University about a year ago to do a big study of the fire departments and learn what educational programming was happening between the fire departments and their communities. So much of the emphasis has been put on elementary school children, which is a great audience to teach and hopefully, they take messages back to their families. However, the Home Safety Council was beginning to get concerned when we analyzed the risk of fire and burns to see who was most likely to die in a fire. It’s not elementary school children – it’s younger children and older adults. So, we decided to put more emphasis and more of our resources towards those age groups higher at risk - that was the real thought behind the Start Safe Program and for those fire departments not working in preschools we really encourage you to do that. We do not necessarily want you to stop what you’re doing anywhere else, but make room in your strategic plan to focus time, attention and resources where the problem really is and in most locations throughout our country, it’s preschoolers and older adults. So we now have the Start Safe program to offer you free of charge to address the preschool population and Fire Safety for Older Adults – a DVD based training package – those are two tools that will help you get right to the heart of where the fire problem in America is.

Q: What do you suggest for reaching out to older adults through their caregivers – professional or adult children who take care of older loved ones?

A: A method that the Home Safety Council has used a couple of times with great success is partnering with local senior centers. These are obviously places in the community where active adults still out and about in the community gather and very often, they host opportunities for families to come in and learn together. That’s where we previewed the falls prevention program, Safe Steps, which is still available to you if you’d like to use that and we also distributed Fire Safety for Older Adults. Very often, the Program Directors may be willing to provide a forum for you to come in and present the information or you could also co-present with the director and together, show the DVD, answer questions and demonstrate practical advice for older adults and caregivers such as installing grab bars or securing rugs to the floor. The Center for Disease Control over the past couple years has been evaluating this diffusion method of the Home Safety Council’s through a grant they gave to the UNC and we know from a preview they gave us recently that it’s proven to be very effective. So if you’re not working with your local senior centers – that’s the tip of the day. We found it to be very effective.

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