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Disaster Preparedness and the Home Safety Council's Get Ready with Freddie! Program Webinar

In the time since Hurricane Katrina; do you think families in the U.S. are more or less prepared for disasters? What can you do to help those in your community recognize the importance of developing a disaster preparedness plan? In support of National Preparedness Month in September, this presentation covered the latest disaster preparedness research, tips on engaging the disengaged and the most effective methods for teaching those in your community to be more prepared.

The presentation highlighted HSC's innovative disaster preparedness program Get Ready with Freddie! and offered ideas to help you implement the program in your own community.


Meri-K Appy, President of the Home Safety Council
Dr. Rocky Lopes, Manager, Homeland Security, National Association of Counties

Archived Presentation:

Click here to view the archived presentation

Additional Materials:

  • Click here for more information on the Get Ready with Freddie! program
  • Click here to read Rocky Lopes' "12 C's of Disaster Preparedness Education"
  • Click here to download a copy of the presentation
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