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Preschool Fire Safety: How to Reach Preschoolers in Your Community Webinar

Home Safety Council research shows that fires and burns are the leading cause of unintentional home injury deaths for children ages 1-4. View the archived presentation to learn the most effective ways of reaching this at-risk population with valuable fire safety lessons. The Home Safety Council's Safety Rangers Stay Away from Fire Dangers program leads preschoolers on a room-by-room home tour to teach them about home fire safety and burn prevention in a non-frightening way. The archived presentation also includes lessons on how to implement this program in your community to help keep preschoolers safe from fire dangers.


Dr. Angela Mickalide, Director of Education and Outreach for the Home Safety Council Nancy Trench, Oklahoma State University, Assistant Director of Fire Protection Publications

Archived Presentation:

Click here to view the archived presentation

Additional Materials:

  • Click here to download a copy of the presentation
  • Click here for more information on the Home Safety Council's school programs
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