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Home Fire Sprinkler Systems: Nothing Protects Better

Public Education Resources

The Home Safety Council is an outspoken advocate for the wider installation and use of home fire sprinkler systems. HSC recommends you utilize the valuable resources on this page to enhance your community fire sprinkler education outreach.

Free Community Sprinkler Education Materials

HSC's innovative new MySafeHome tour is a virtual home you can use to demonstrate the most common injury risks found in each room of the home, as well as the steps people can take to prevent home injury. Dramatic animations of home fire sprinklers are featured in the kitchen and living room. Make sure your community knows about HSC's home fire sprinkler resources for consumers. The Home Safety Council is a member of the Board of the nonprofit Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC), which has free information, videos and online materials for consumers on its Web site, including an animation that explains how sprinklers work: Homefiresprinkler.org. HFSC's free Web site Sprinkler Smarts helps children in grades K-5 and grades 6-8 understand fire safety basics and how home fire sprinklers work. Both sections of this site include free educational tools for the fire service and teachers.

Fire Team USA

Fire Team USA offers 1.5-day training conferences to help facilitate partnerships in fire protection among stakeholders, and to increase awareness of the importance of residential fire sprinkler protection in communities. Learn more and register to attend a conference near you.

Common Voices

The Common Voices Coalition, sponsored by the National Fire Sprinkler Association, is a group of advocates who have been personally affected by fire tragedy and are working to spare others from similar experiences. Public Service Announcements are one of the resources the Coalition offers.

Fire Sprinklers vs. Flashover

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides online still photos and video clips depicting a fire with and without fire sprinklers present. Watch flashover occur in the non-sprinklered demonstration. For additional fire safety information from NIST, visit NIST's Fire on the Web page.

Home Fire Sprinkler Legislation

National Residential Fire Sprinkler Legislation

The Home Safety Council supports the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act of 2007 which would amend the tax code to reduce the economic burden of retrofitting buildings with fire sprinkler systems.

Local Residential Fire Sprinkler Legislation

The International Residential Code Fire Sprinkler Coalition supports residential sprinkler legislation. Learn how you can get involved.

The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) has compiled a resource to assist safety advocates in local fire sprinkler ordinance passage and sprinkler education outreach. There is no charge to download the Residential Fire Sprinkler Information Kit.

The Home Safety Council is a proud member of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Steering Committee.

The National Fire Sprinkler Association is a Keystone Sponsor of the Home Safety Council.

Tyco Fire & Building Products is a Keystone Sponsor of the Home Safety Council.

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